Welcome to the world of Blocky!
This is really interesting logical game with a funny character. The aim is to destroy the right amount of blocks and not let Blocky fall down to the ground. Metal blocks are irremovable. You need to keep Blocky alive, so you need him to be on any block, but not on the ground. The faster you complete the level Ė the higher is your score!

Each type of block has its own physical properties. Metal blocks are the heaviest blocks and you canít remove them. Paper boxes are lightweight, rubber blocks are bouncy, ice is slippery etc. Remember this when you canít complete the level.

This is flash (lite) version of the game. If you want to get the full version with NEW AWESOME locations and levels Ė buy this game on the App Store for your iPhone, iPod or iPad! Thank you for playing! Hope, you will enjoy!

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00:10 20.11.11

This is really great game! I am totally buying it on my iPhone!


02:36 30.11.11

How do you get past level 45? Says there are 23 blocks but only 22. Once I get all blocks done time keeps running and says there is still another block when there isn't. Help

06:44 30.12.11



20:51 20.01.12

Great hmamer of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!


10:47 06.03.12



10:48 06.03.12


rrffrry yh gfff

10:57 06.03.12



21:00 06.03.12



21:01 06.03.12



21:27 17.06.12

So was there ever an answer or fix to level 45? This bug stops all game play!

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Rating: 5.4

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