6 Reasons to Play HTML5 Mobile Friendly Games

Just until recently, the Adobe Flash-based games were considered to be at the forefront of online gaming. They were thought to be an ideal solution for designing games that could be played directly in one’s browser and with no need to download the game. Upon its release, the new technology empowered many resources to grow the number of users and introduce a large variety of new games.

However, there are no limits to creativity and innovation and the gaming world is now switching to a new standard, HTML 5. HTML 5 is the latest version of the Hypertext Markup Language which is used to display the content of the web pages.

This new tech allows gamers to bypass the traditional limitations of the Flash games – most importantly, their incompatibility with modern mobile devices. HTML 5 works great across all mobile devices which these days are perfectly fitted for entertainment and permanent access to the Internet.

But there are even more handy benefits of the HTML 5 standard. Let’s take a closer look.

1. No additional software installation required

To play any Flash game, the players have to install the Flash plugin in their browsers. It’s technically impossible to play or view Flash content without the plugin. Most gamers are familiar with the situation when the browser is requesting them to install or update the Flash plugin. This is annoying and consumes additional traffic and energy.

At the same time, HTML 5 games do not require any prior software installation. HTML 5 displays the content directly in the browser which makes gaming much more user-friendly.

2. Compatibility with various browsers and devices

HTML5 works across different devices, both mobile and desktop. On the contrary, the Flash format is not suited to work on mobile devices consuming an incredible amount of mobile traffic.

3. Excellent game graphics and scalability

One of the key components of the HTML 5 is JavaScript programming language. JavaScript enables developers to use the SVG (scalable vector graphics) format which allows for a far better animation and vivid imagery. Yet another advantage of SVG format is its scalability. This means that they adjust perfectly to the screen of any size.

4. HTML 5 games consume less energy

Another tangible benefit of HTML 5 games for mobile devices is that they consume less energy. Therefore, the battery of the mobile device will last longer. This is a great advantage for on-the-go users and the major reason behind why most people opt in for HTML 5 games rather than energy-consuming Flash games.

5. Continuous innovation

HTML 5 is still a new technology. Its upgrade to the 5th version became publicly available in 2014. Game developers grasped the amazing benefits of this format right away so we’re seeing new features and capabilities of HTML 5 being discovered all the time. In turn, this means that there’s going to be a lot of upgrades and improvement in the foreseeable future.

6. Open source and free

HTML5 is the open source software. In other words, any developer can improve the coding on his own. This makes HTML 5 completely free for developers which enables them to invest more in development of the new games and upgrades of existing ones. This benefits users greatly as they’re getting access to a growing number of gaming choices.

HTML 5 turned the gaming industry upside down and opened plenty of new opportunities for players which were unheard of just a decade ago. For sure, we’re going to witness even more exciting changes in the years ahead as the game developers continue to work on developing the high-quality content.


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