Adorable Dora Cook Games for Your Children

Little Dora never stops learning. This time, she sets out to learn to cook different meals. Here’s an excellent choice to show your kids an exciting way to cook. Moreover, this game prepares them for the grown-up life and encourages children to help their parents in the kitchen. Your kids will not only learn the names of various ingredients and cooking processes, they will also see how important it is to keep kitchen utensils clean and neat.

Dora cook games cover a great variety of different meals, from cupcakes to more complex dishes. Let’s take a closer look.

For example, in Dora Cooking in La Cucina, this little girl can choose from as much as ten recipes. Children only have to click on the menu and choose the dish they like best. Once the choice is made, they must pick the right ingredients for the meal. The game setting is colorful and creative so kids will be excited to try out different recipes again and again.

In another Dora cooking game, the kids will help Dora bake a birthday cake. They will be making a magnificent cake consisting of three delicious biscuit layers. This wonderful creation will be crowned with candles and sweet numbers indicating the age. In order to create a beautiful and tasty cake, the kids need to start with the three biscuits which vary in size.

Next, each biscuit layer must be decorated with colors and cream, chocolate glaze, candles and sweet flowers. With these beautiful decorations, kids can make any holiday special. This colorful and exciting cooking game will help gamers unleash their imagination and create a beautiful masterpiece. What a shame this tasty cake can’t be taken home!

The game design is user-friendly and relaxing. The kids will be able to develop various problem-solving skills that will come in handy in real life. The music and soundtracks complement the gameplay perfectly making it incredibly captivating. Game controls are performed with the mouse which allows kids of all ages to play the game.

All kids love sweets but cooking is much more than cakes and muffins! Dora will teach your kids to cook diverse meals. For example, yet another Dora cooking game centers on cooking fish and potatoes.

First, the kids will be helping Dora peel the potatoes and cut them into slices. After that, they must fry it until the golden crust appears. The next job is cooking fish. Clean it, then place it in the dish and bake it.

The original Dora cooking games feature adorable characters which all kids will love. Moreover, in order to play these games, children do not need to learn complex rules or skills. All actions are very simple and straightforward so that children can gain a clear understanding of the cooking process. Game controls with the mouse make gaming very easy.

Beautiful and colorful game design of Dora cooking games attracts attention right away. Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each meal are not only great fun, they also help kids remember tasks. Funny and relaxing music makes gaming even more friendly and captivating.

With Dora, kids can learn cooking on their own or in the company of their friends. These cooking games will be interesting not only to the younger generation of the family, but to the grown-ups as well. Heartwarming gameplay will help the family get closer and spend more time together.

Dora will also teach kids how to combine different ingredients, colors and details so that they can develop a perfect taste. They don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes or spoil something, because in the game it’s super easy to fix anything and move on to learn new things.


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