Frozen Appointment: Getting Ready for a Royal Wedding

News travels fast and the kingdom of Arendelle is anticipating the royal event of the year: Elsa and Jack are getting married! The beloved characters from the famous Disney cartoon, Frozen, are inviting you and your kids to join them in this exciting adventure.

Ice Queen Wedding Kiss is a widely popular online game featuring the favorite princess. Charming Elsa and cute Jack – you can’t think of more perfect newlyweds! Elsa and Jack are just as thrilled for the big day to come at last. However, both sisters were raised under the strict rules and are not allowed to kiss their fiancés before the wedding.

But Elsa and Jack overcome a lot of challenges before they could finally get married and miss each other very much. They are so tired of waiting for the wedding ceremony. So they decided to meet, if only for a few minutes, to see each other again and have a talk.

However, Elsa’s sister, Anna, does not leave the young couple alone for one moment. She tries to control all their actions. Elsa and Jack need assistance and young gamers can help them meet secretly. However, they must be watchful and careful so that no one will know about the meeting as the young couple will otherwise get into real trouble.

The kids will left-click the mouse and hold it until an exclamation mark appears in front of Anna. This is a warning to immediately release the mouse so that our characters can pretend that nothing interesting is going on. Once the sister gets herself busy with more important things, the kids can start over following the above steps. On the screen, they will see a scale that indicates the length of Elsa and Jack’s kiss. The longer it lasts, the more odds to win!

The kids must be very attentive and careful and take care of the health and light mood of the heroes so that they can enjoy the rare moments together. Once they progress to the next level, the task is getting harder. Anna’s fiancé, Kristof, is joining her to watch Elsa and Jack. Now there are two people to watch – gamers must be really careful and observant.

Even Elsa’s old friend, Olaf the Snowman, is watching them! As soon as one character stops looking at the couple, the second one steps in and starts throwing curious looks at them. Once you see the red exclamation mark, release the mouse immediately and wait for Olaf to start doing something else. Perhaps he can get hungry soon and will eat his favorite pizza or enjoy the frosty air outside.

Elsa wants to look perfect for her secret date. Help her get ready! Choose the fabulous and colorful outfits that would suit Elsa best. Her closet is full of beautiful garments, shoes and accessories – after all, she is a princess and follows the latest fashion in her kingdom. She wants to impress her fiancé, and with such a rich choice of garments it’s going to be very easy.

Next, apply beautiful makeup to make Elsa feel confident. She has a whole set of cool cosmetics: lipsticks and eyeshadows of all colors and shades. Just click on the menu to view and apply the items.   

Create a unique look for Elsa with your rich fantasy and creativity and enjoy an excellent result. Remember to attend to her hairstyle to finalize the look. The most exquisite hair accessories are at your fingertips so play around to see which one looks best of all.

Ice Queen Wedding Kiss is an exciting online game featuring a captivating storyline, charming characters and original idea. The game is completely safe, violence- and erotic-free making it a good choice for children of all ages. The gameplay models the relationships between the newlyweds and showcases how to get ready for a date and wedding in a funny and creative way.


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