Frozen Makeover

Since their early years, most girls are curious about learning how to apply makeup. Frozen Makeover game is a perfect way to help them do just that using the beloved characters from the world-famous Disney cartoon.

Elsa, the Princess of Arendelle, wants to look not just beautiful and charming but absolutely perfect. In this game, the young makeup artists will be helping her pick up her lipstick, eyeshadow and blush to emphasize the color of her hair, the shape of her eyes and the contour of her lips.

The girls can decide which event the princess is going to attend and what makeup will be best for the occasion. There are different makeup options in the game, for example evening makeup should be more prominent than daytime and look flawless.

Another important occasion is the wedding. Every bride wants to look her best at this event and express her charm and femininity. On the contrary, makeup for a business lady is laconic and to the point while smoky eyes emphasize the color and shape of the eyes.

Lifting rejuvenates the princess by masking any skin defects. Makeup for the grand carnival emphasizes the personality of the princess. The kids will be choosing the look and event they like best and apply makeup confidently using beautiful colors of the cosmetic set. No need to be afraid of mistakes – in these games, one can practice endlessly.

One of the most important makeup tasks is to prepare the skin. First, children can place Elsa in a cozy chair and hide the hair from her forehead under a special hat. Next, they will use a pair of tweezers to shape the eyebrows. They will see the lines around eyebrows hinting at which area should be shaped. At the bottom of the screen, all the necessary accessories are listed as well as the creams and lotions you will need to create a beautiful look for the princess.

The next task is to put a sponge mask on those parts of the face which are highlighted in the game. A cleansing mask must be left to sit for some time in order to absorb into the skin and make it soft and elastic. Then, a special brush will help to conceal darker areas under Elsa’s eyes.

Finally, gamers will apply a nourishing cream made of natural ingredients. It penetrates the pores and makes the skin healthier. Applying a special face powder will help conceal the wrinkles. There are handy hints in the game telling kids which areas require particular attention.

Elsa has blue eyes and fair hair so the best eyeshadows to pick are turquoise blue coupled with a beautiful lilac lipstick. Color her eyebrows in a light brown shade and apply a pale pink blush. Complement her look with the stylish haircut: gather her curly hair and decorate it with flowers or precious stones.

To get high-quality and long-lasting makeup, you need to use professional cosmetics that have a number of significant advantages over simple decorative paints. Professional cosmetics are more durable and not only conceal all small defects but also positively affect the health of the skin.

Frozen Makeover is a brilliant game to familiarize girls with the makeup techniques in an interesting and engaging way. Original examples of applying high-quality make-up will be useful in real life later on and help form a perfect taste. At the same time, game controls are very simple and straightforward and children only need to use the mouse to perform various tasks.

Frozen Makeover will captivate your child instantly thanks to its colorful design, original idea and exciting gameplay. The game is completely safe and violence-free and the kids will love exploring new looks and makeup tools and compare the results. Go give it a try!


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