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Even the youngest gamers will be interested in getting along with Pou, the hero of popular online games, that will take them on exciting adventures.

Pou games depict funny adventures of a small and utterly helpless alien who accidentally got on Earth and decided to stay here forever. These games are a great fit for the young gamers since they are well-known for their simple and clear goals, bright and interesting graphics and cheerful music. The games are going to be interesting for boys and girls alike.

Skywardgames.com features a full selection of Pou games. All of them are completely safe and violence-free. No donation or prior download is required.

Pou is a cute alien that ended up living on Earth. The inhabitants of his home planet must be very funny – they resemble brown triangular potatoes with no arms or legs. Pou actively adapts in this new world. In each new game, he sets out to gain new experience: visiting a doctor or a beauty salon, going on a picnic or a date or working on a farm among other things.

The gaming process is similar to a Tamagotchi toy, albeit this time with enhanced capabilities. You can even furnish Pou’s apartment putting your creativity and design skills to work.

Skywardgames.com features a dedicated section of games with this funny character. In addition to taking care of his upbringing and life on Earth, you will also need to do different everyday things with him.

For example, in one of the games, you will be taking Pou to see the doctor. This is a perfect game for the little ones. You need to take Pou to doctor to cure this creature of the injuries that it got after traveling to the school camp. The games feature very simple actions and game controls which will be understandable to the children.

Another game for children offers them to help Pou clean his room. You have to remove all the trash in the room as quickly as possible. This will define the points that you earn. Compete against your friends to determine the neatest and tidiest one. The game has several levels and, as you progress, the number of items that need to be cleaned up is growing.

If you’re looking to showcase cooking to your kids, try cooking games with Pou. In one of such games, Pou bakes an apple pie. Your kids will become real cooks with this cute alien creature and will be helping him to cook a real apple pie. Perform the required actions step by step, choose the right ingredients and reward yourself with a sweet dessert in the end.

Another sweet game offers kids to help Pou eat candies. This is a logical game in which you need to help Pou get the candies by cutting the ropes that hold them, at the right time and in the right place. Do it as fast as you can to earn the maximum amount of game points.

In fact, games with Pou are very diverse. Would you rather try yourself as a hairstylist? Pou will gladly become a model for you allowing you to make a trendy and stylish hairstyle. Do you think you’ve got the talent of the fashion designer? With Pou, you can find this out easily – just pick the game in which you can change the outfits for Pou.

Or, you can even arrange a birthday party to show Pou how we celebrate on Earth. Decorate the room for his birthday and welcome the guests with tea and sweet cakes.

Cleaning the house, attending to the garden, maintaining the car, traveling, cooking, going to the doctor, partying – these are just a few examples of activities your kids will become engaged in once they start gaming with Pou!

As well as that, Pou is no stranger to coloring games, puzzles, quests and labyrinths. This amazing character will become a favorite friend for your kids!

Have fun with Pou!


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