Talking Tom: Funny Games for Your Little Ones

Talking Tom, the game about the cute kitty able to talk and perform simple and funny actions, was released in 2010. This funny kitten repeated everything he was told in a cute cat’s voice. This incredible skill keeps amusing not only children but adults as well making Talking Tom a viral character all across the world.

Indeed, just in the first days after its release, the simulator was downloaded by millions of smartphones and tablets owners. It’s easy to see why – in this game, users have a lot of interesting and funny opportunities.

The idea of the game is to take care of a kitten named Tom and help him grow to become an adult cat. Tom is an adorable tabby kitten with bright green eyes. There are many different actions in the game, and the gameplay as a whole is as close to real life as possible. For example, Tom should regularly eat, rest and clean himself.

The kitten can repeat the words of its owner in a funny voice. It can even start scratching the screen of the device when asking for food and milk. Playing with the cat earns you money which you can spend on buying all sorts of treats, toys and clothes for Tom. Among other things, you must also furnish Tom’s dwelling according to your taste. When you are not playing with the cat, the pet gets sad and starts yawning or sneezing.

Like every cat, Talking Tom has his friends and foes. He’s in love with Angela, a charming white kitty. At first, you must take care of her as a kitten so that she can grow to become an adult cat. You will have to take the same steps as with Tom.

When Angela grows up, you will be able to buy beautiful and stylish outfits for her, do her hair and apply makeup. Angela, like most other girls, is fond of nice garments and cosmetics.

In the course of the game, Tom and Angela always react loudly to all actions of the player. They show their emotions so that children understand if they are doing the right thing.

According to the plot, Tom and Angela become friends and later married. Moreover, they even have a daughter, a lovely little kitten, which is a character of many games.

It never gets boring with Tom and Angela. For example, you can play with Tom in a water park he just bought for himself, chase after the robber to get back his belongings, engage in the massive water fight with his neighbors, arrange a Halloween party or visit a hair salon. And these are just a few examples of what you can do – with Talking Tom, the gaming possibilities are endless as there are over one hundred and ten levels!

A lot of games focus on the family life of Tom and Angela, particularly Angela’s pregnancy. You will be helping Tom to take care of the future mother in a variety of ways: cooking, getting her new outfits, accessories and shoes, washing up and much more.

Also, on top of cooking lunches and dinners for her family, Angela often needs help cleaning their house. Once the baby is born, Angela and Tom need to do more washing up too. The gamers will be helping them during this challenging time so their kitty stays healthy and happy.

Tom loves spending time with Angela. This cute couple often sets up romantic dates, trips, barbeques, resort holidays and much more.

Tom’s neighbor, Talking Ben, is an angry dog. They don’t like each other and have a difficult history. Ben is trying to harm Tom in every way he can. Because of Ben, frequent fights and quarrels ensue between the neighbors. Beware Ben!

All in all, the game is a perfect opportunity to show your children the importance of taking proper care of the pets and loving the nature. Moreover, it will teach them a wealth of real-life skills in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Have fun with Tom, Angela and their funny kitten in these colorful and heartwarming games.


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