Tom Family Shopping: A Funny Simulator for Your Children

Talking Tom is a popular character beloved by children and adults alike. Since its release in 2010, it keeps winning the hearts of people across various countries and continents. Today, there are hundreds of Talking Tom games, each focusing on various funny plots and characters.

Tom is engaged in a lot of activities. Once you help him grow up and become the adult cat, his life gets full of different events and new experiences. For example, he meets Angela, a beautiful white kitty, and falls in love with her. Later, they get married and have a lovely kitty born. The cat family then deals with exciting adventures in each new game.

Talking Tom needs your help in going through different tasks and challenges. This time, Tom and Angela set out for a day of family shopping.

The cute cat family are going to cook a delicious dinner of several meals. The main course for the dinner is turkey with apples. These adorable cats love meat as it is very nutritious and delicious. Gamers must help Tom and Angela buy everything they need. You will see the shopping list with all cooking ingredients for the evening.

Tom and Angela decided to go to a big shopping mall. Help them quickly find the necessary products and household items. You can select different items from the shelves by clicking on them with the mouse. At the same time, remember to double-check the shopping list in the right upper corner to make sure you won’t forget anything. The grocery, meat and vegetable departments look so realistic with colorful items displayed on the shelves.

While walking around the shop, help Tom and Angela place all items in their shopping cart. Don’t forget to pay for the goods!

Once all is bought, you can walk Tom and Angela back home and into their cozy kitchen to cook the turkey. Just follow the game instructions to prepare this meal so that the cat family can enjoy the long-awaited evening in the company of each other.

Put the turkey into the oven to bake it. Once the dish has developed the golden crust, place it on a large nice dish and decorate it with herbs and lemon. You can then slice it to serve the meal nicely.

In this virtual kitchen, you will see a cupboard with all flavors that you will need to make a masterpiece of this glorious turkey: eggs, flour, sugar, butter, soda, salt, milk, spices and more. Be careful and resourceful and pick the exact kind of products that the recipe reads. Then, study the proportions and add all the products one by one. The little arrows will provide you with the handy hints.

Talking Tom is probably the most popular online app thanks to its cute characters, colorful design and funny storylines. Indeed, it’s available for any smartphone and what can be better than having a little friend right in your pocket, always there with you. Today, every child knows about this fluffy and funny character and wants to play with him.

Talking Tom games carry great educational value as well. Here is a perfect opportunity to engage children in learning new skills and gaining the knowledge useful in real life. For example, playing cooking games with Tom will inspire kids to want to help their parents in the kitchen and learn cooking. The same goes with cleaning the house, washing up and about any other housework you can think of.

Talking Tom games also teach children to love and take care of their pets and nature at large. All games are completely safe, violence- and erotic-free and are perfectly fitted for children and teens of any age.

Let your children enjoy the exciting gameplay with Talking Tom and Angela and join the fascinating world of this adorable cat family!


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