Tom Family Sunday Cooking

Talking Tom never fails to entertain his fans from all across the world. The funny and cute character became a devoted friend for many children and adults alike.

Tom can expertly handle all kinds of different activities. Online games with Tom offer a great educational value and opportunity. Now children can learn about various tasks and processes in a funny and simple way. With Talking Tom, all kids can become fast learners.

One of the most exciting games with Talking Tom and his family are a series of cooking games. Cooking is an essential skill to master in one’s life and parents can play Talking Tom with their children to show them that cooking can be a real fun. Likewise, it’s funny and interesting to help parents cook for the family.

Tom Family Sunday Cooking features an adorable storyline and colorful design. This time, Tom, Angela and Ginger decided to arrange a day of glorious meals in their garden. Indeed, what’s better than a picnic in the yard in a company of the loving family! Even if it’s raining in real life and the weather is nasty, this game will help you dive deep into the world of bright sunshine.

As a responsible father, Tom has got ready for a weekend. He wants the kittens to enjoy a day of a tasty barbecue. Tom wants to prepare the meat and gather a basket full of treats for the kids. Your job is to join the family and help Tom make this upcoming Sunday dinner a success. He’s been very busy with the kittens so he really needs your help to prepare delicious meals.

Children will find themselves cooking fish, sausage and steak-barbecues on a huge state-of-the-art grill. The cat family loves meat! All you have to do is follow the in-game instructions to prepare gorgeous steaks.

Next, you can bake potatoes. By playing with Tom and following the game directions, children can familiarize themselves with cooking. A simple task of frying potatoes nevertheless has a few secrets that can transform the meal into a delicious cooking masterpiece. The kids will be presented with all the necessary ingredients so they can get to work right away.

Why not make some tasty sandwiches? Help Tom cut bread and different ingredients for the sandwiches: sausage, chicken, cheese and tomatoes. The game teaches children to be careful with handling the knife in order not to cut themselves.

The next job is to cut the vegetables. Use the mouse to slice different items, then select the dish to serve them.

And what’s better than a few portions of cool ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon? First, you need to find the necessary utensils. Be attentive as they can be stored in different places: in the fridge or in the cupboard. You can also find chicken eggs and fruits such as oranges and lemons in the kitchen. Top the strawberries and cream in a frying pan as this will be the foundation of your ice cream. Next, freeze it in the fridge. After that, decorate the ice cream with a chocolate glaze and serve it.

Cleaning is an important part of cooking. Talking Tom always cleans up the kitchen once the dinner is ready. This is an essential idea for children to learn and the games prove that cleaning up doesn’t have to be a chore.

It’s never boring for children to play Talking Tom games. The lovely cat and his cute family are always engaged in some interesting activities which the kids would love to explore. The game is also very inspiring, urging children to go learn something new every day. Besides, all Tom games are completely safe and violence-free. Why not let children learn in a funny and easy way with Tom? Go give it a try!


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