Top 4 Boy Games That Are Full of Action

Boys are always on the lookout for more new and exciting games to play. Have you tried showing yours this great selection of boy games? They’re going to love them! Free, completely safe and with no installation or donations required – what better option to look for? Let’s take a closer look.

Block Racer

Block Racer is a new exciting game inspired by the world of Minecraft. This time, the boys will plunge into the world of racing and roaring engines. Here are the most powerful cars in the world. Robust trucks roaring with all the might of their engines are the key elements of Block Racer.

Today, your job is to take part in the World Truck Rally Championship. Prove that your car is the best in the world. You will encounter diverse tracks full of various obstacles and pitfalls. Your rivals rush to victory just like you do and they can be very dangerous. Drive your truck as best and fast as you can. Don’t forget to collect different items on your way. At the end of each level, they will give you the opportunity to upgrade your car.

With each new level, the complexity and speed of the game increases. Block Racer features breathtaking gameplay, colorful graphics and great soundtracks. The boys are going to love practicing their skills with this game.

Strike Force Heroes 1

Strike force Heroes 1 is a real blockbuster where a group of fighters is battling against the villains. In this game, each team member is important as only the team effort can help them win.

Your job is to lead the anti-terrorist group. If you choose a single player and play with him for a long time, he will get more experience and improve his abilities. But remember that team effort is very important so switching between different fighters will allow you to improve all of them and make the whole team stronger.

There are four types of players in your team: a doctor, a sniper, a commando and a soldier. In Strike Force Heroes 1, there are more than 65 types of weapons which are backed up by the varied super abilities of the characters. Deathmatch is the toughest final battle – make sure to practice a lot in order to gain special skills and powerful abilities and defeat the terrorists.

The Ultimate Clicker Squad

In this fantastic game, a small kingdom is attacked by a group of evil monsters. These dangerous creatures grew in numbers so quickly that their territory is constantly expanding beyond their borders.

Help the apprentice of a magician to fight off the evil creatures and protect the kingdom. You can kill monsters by clicking on them with your mouse. Earn gold to get weapons upgrades and magic drinks.

Before your hero enters the territory of the enemy, he needs to gather a team of soldiers and train them to become real heroes. The larger the army, the more likely the victory will be and the more odds to save the kingdom from total invasion. In the course of the game, you will not only fight against monsters and earn money but also upgrade the skills and special abilities of your soldiers.

Road of Fury 2

The fierce snowstorm abruptly stopped you in the middle of the highway. The road is lined up with sluggish drivers and you need to get to your secluded place as quickly as you can.

Your job is to race ahead following the motorcyclists in the midst of the snowstorm. You will be distracted all the time but you must not get involved in any fights. Clean up your way with the weapon. You can shoot by clicking your mouse.

Your car is equipped with various guns, electromagnetic radiators, magic shields and even a device that can slow down the time. You will also come across different repair and maintenance tools and money as well as unique super weapons. In order to collect these upgrades and fight effectively, you must drive very skillfully and fast. Good luck going through the nuclear blizzard!


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