Top 4 Girl Games To Keep Your Little Ones Happy

Want to keep your little princess busy with funny and interesting games? These are games that not only feature her favorite characters but also help her practice different skills and foster creative thinking and imagination.

All of these games are free, with no installation and donations required. The content is safe and violence-free.

Elf Jumping

Welcome to the fascinating kingdom of elves! The little forest creatures, the elves, were cursed by the evil wizard. One day, he decided to rest under the tree but the colorful elves were so mischievous that he couldn’t fall asleep because of all the noise. The wizard got angry and cursed the elves. Cute creatures stopped moving and froze.

Only one elf was free from the spell. He waited for the wizard to leave and decided to find a wise man to learn how to break the spell. The old sage told him to find and collect golden stars in the valley of four seasons. The elf got started right away. Your job is to help him jump over the ice stones and green platforms in order to collect stars.

Jumping Elf is an interesting online game with easy controls. Just click your mouse to control the elf and jump from one pole to another. If the Elf falls down, the game is over. You can collect little stars when jumping. This will help you unlock new characters in the game.

The Princess: Sent to the Future

Something incredible happened in the kingdom: one moment the princess was in her castle and the next thing she knows, she is thrown into the future, far away from her beloved kingdom. And, of course, she needs to adapt to the modern world as quickly as possible.

The very first thing to do is to change her appearance. This is where you go to work as your job is to help her transform her look. Start with changing her hairstyle and get the princess a fashionable haircut. You will have all the necessary tools.

Next, open up the closet full of various garments and pick up trendy and stylish things for the princess. In just a few steps, you can turn a princess into an ordinary girl to help her survive in the world of the future.

Your little girl will have an ample opportunity to play around with different fashion styles and haircuts, practice and choose the best matching ones.

Mermaid Wedding

The colorful Mermaid Wedding game will help you foster your creative thinking in order to help Neptune’s daughter, the charming mermaid, to prepare for the most romantic and emotional day in her life. Choose a brilliant outfit, a crown with stones and a pearl on her head. Don’t forget about a stylish hairstyle, and find the original jewelry.

Build an underwater castle and decorations it beautifully. Then, visit the bride and help her choose a perfect wedding dress. Pick the style and color of the outfit. Do not hurry with your choice and enjoy the process. There are several models of wedding dresses, all having a chic top and a luxurious tail with silver scales.

Your next job is to sort out various small matters and attend the ceremony which will take place in the mermaid’s father’s house.

Girls will enjoy fantasizing and playing this high-quality colorful game again and again.

Elsa and Rapunzel Princess Rivalry

Princesses Elsa and Rapunzel are studying at the same university and are living in the same dorm room. But their friendship is at risk: they got to know one young man and he seems to like them both. Now the girls compete with each other and each one tries to win over the heart of the young man.

In this game, you can choose which princess you are going to help, Elsa or Rapunzel. Each of our heroines must go on a date. Your job is to help your character to get ready for it.

To do so, open the closet and take a look at all the outfits that are stored there. Pick up your favorite garments. Then, go through cosmetics and help the princess to apply a beautiful makeup. When you are done, she will be ready to go on a date with the young man. Wish her luck!


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