Top 4 Puzzle Games To Foster Your Creative

Are you fond of solving puzzles? Puzzle games are so much fun – colorful and diverse, they stimulate your brain and make you smarter.

There’s a huge variety of puzzle games so how are you supposed to find some really good ones? We’ve come up with a list just for you! Here are top four puzzle games to give a try: they are completely free and safe, with no installation and donations required to play.

Mech X4 Jelly Match

These multi-colored jelly candies are perfect elements for puzzle games helping you relax, while you are playing. Funny characters have already filled the playing field and are waiting for you to start solving puzzles and build them into rows of three or more identical characters. Use the mouse to move the jellies, play around with locations and try to score the maximum points in the shortest time.

Get a variety of exciting assignments at each new level and solve them by connecting jellies of the same color, located side by side either vertically or diagonally. Your rewards are bright jewels. Make your life a little bit sweeter with the funny and playful environment of Mech X4 Jelly Match.

Viking Workout

Vikings are definitely not the ones to mess around with – they know how to fight. In order not to lose their warrior skills during the peaceful times, the soldiers are constantly practicing. In this game, you will be able to take part in the training of a formidable Viking.

He looks awkward and clumsy but do not be fooled by his appearance! If need be, the hero becomes quick and mobile. His special skill is axe throwing. You will have to help him progress through sixty levels so that he can prove his ability to fight in the next war.

At the most difficult levels, the targets will start moving vertically and horizontally and swing on chains. Various obstacles will appear along the way. This will help you practice in destroying moving targets.

To make the game a little easier, the trajectory of the flight of the ax will be shown in a dotted line on your screen. However, you still need to be fast and watchful as Viking will face a lot of tough challenges in the course of his workout.

Hex Zen

Want to test your intelligence? Then you definitely want to play Hex Zen!

In this game, you will have to solve an interesting puzzle. You will be presented with a playing board divided into cells. Most of them will be already filled with some characters and figures. As for the remaining cells, you will need to transfer the geometric shapes that will appear in the panel on the right into the empty cells.

Just click on the selected item and drag it to the desired location. Remember that in order to progress to the next level you will need to fill in all the empty cells with correct objects.

Candy Rain 4

Almost everyone loves sweets, children and adults alike. The main character from Candy Rain 4 is so lucky – she is on her visit to a magical land where it rains candies from time to time.

But it’s not that easy for the rain to fall down. It’s your job to trigger candy rain in the magical kingdom. Rearrange the multi-colored elements in the playing field to build rows of three or more identical candies horizontally or vertically. Make the most of additional bonuses that are designed to help you collect many sweet pieces at once. To trigger a fragrant rain, activate a sequence of bonuses.

To complete the level in Candy Rain 4, fill the scale in the left corner. As you progress through the game, you will see some helpful tips on the right side of the panel which will give you handy tips to solve the puzzle.

You will be able to replace various elements, if there are no moves. This sweet country is very generous and always rewards players for their wit and intelligence.

Candy Rain 4 is a colorful and funny game. It will surely appeal to girls and boys, adults and children alike. Each new level presents another task, quite different to the previous one. The complexity increases gradually while additional features make the game even more fascinating.


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