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Free online games -   Baseball games

Baseball Games

Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro


What are Baseball games?
If you are an American citizen, then baseball is in your blood – and you know how to hold the bat, when do you have to run to the base (and what is the base at the first place) and – most importantly – how the scoring system works in this game (as nobody else have a clue, except for Americans). America is insane about their basketball players, they have leagues (male and female ones), spend billion dollars on organizing the playing process across the country and there are millions of players of all levels, starting from the junior classes.
For the rest of the world, it’s just hitting the ball with your bat and running somewhere being dressed in a hat and a weird white costume (and sometimes you wear a funny huge glove). However, this isn’t the only unpopular thing outside of America – we’ll name you lacrosse (the thing that one of the main characters of ‘American Pie’ movie played before turning into a singer for a girl), American football (the game with flattened ball that looks like an almond pit and with extensive bodily protection, which is also called one of the most ruthless games of the world (even considering the countries of the third world)).
So, it is about hitting the ball and run – and you know the rest if you are an admirer.

Features of free online Baseball games
- standing with a bat in your hands trying to hit the ball to shoot it good
- if you are not the bat holder, then you are the ball thrower – and your task is to throw it as freakishly as possible to prevent the guy with a bat to hit it
- the graphics can vary largely – from badly-drawn characters and ambiance to very realistic.