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Free online games -   Spongebob games

Spongebob Games

Sponge Bob Falling

Sponge Bob Falling

SpongeBob Krabby Patty Dash

SpongeBob Krabby Patty Dash

Spongebob VS Zombies

Spongebob VS Zombies


Spongebob online: play for free
SpongeBob is a character that is known from cartoon series by Nickelodeon. He lives under the water and has a very unusual look at many life occurrences. Kids love him for square pants and funny situations that he falls into with his friends. Adults love him for saying adult things and making illogical things most of the time (just like adults with a little intellect do). We think this is a very controversial character that is a sane chameleon depending on a situation – trying to avoid being in troubles as much as possible but eventually having (or showing) too little intellect to live a quality life.
Online free games with his presence are not limited to one or several genres and he can participate literally in anything.

About Spongebob
- the most part of games with his presence has simple graphics that does not distract from the essence of what’s happening
- fun and ease of play process fully depict the lifestyle of the hero in the cartoon series.

Spongebob games on our online site
We give you a possibility to look at the beloved hero from two different (even polar different) points of view:
- in ‘Spongebob Krabby Patty Dash’, he is preparing a series of hamburgers to saturate the hordes of recurring guests (recurring for the reason that he serves approximately 1 hamburger to 1 client within 7 seconds or so but there are only 5 different clients, so they constantly recurring)
- in ‘Spongebob vs Zombies’ he becomes a hefty zombie shooter. It is fun to play – a player has to use mouse and 4 regular moving arrows to move on the map. In addition, it is possible to buy more weapons and kill bosses. Considering that zombies are going from all sides and there is a limited stock of ammo (that is replenished with time, though), it is very fun to play as the game requires not only the ability to watch the ammo’s stock and keep an eye on foes going from all directions but also thinking and short-term planning.