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Free online games - One player games -   3D Bottle Shooter

3D Bottle Shooter

3d_bottle_shooter desktop 728409

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3D Bottle Shooter


Game Description

Shoot the bottles in 3D Bottle Shooter – for fun and for free
This game is designed, as we think, to release your inner pressure. Shooting at bottles, you know, always contributes to better feeling. Yes, a player does not feel the weight of a gun in a hand and its drawback in a shoulder and does not put the bottles on the barrel/bench to shoot at, as well as he or she does not charge bullets into the gun – but the process and results stay the same as in the real life:
• you shoot at bottles
• you hit them or miss them
• when they are hit, their wreckages burst in all sides, creating a picture you would see with your eyes
• the system of levels makes you progress in better shooting, with more requirements to eye precision as the distance to bottles gradually increases.

Also, to make it diversified, some bottles move from left to right. In some levels, they move from up to down, and there are shields that move in front of bottles, covering them to make you waste time. And to make the game even more thrilling, each level is time-limited so if you will take too long, you’ll have to restart it.

Depending on how well you shoot (were there misses in each level or not), how much time you spent, you are given with a number of stars – from 1 to 3.

To finish the entire free online game, less than half an hour is enough – there are only 20 levels, each of which takes approximately 15-45 seconds.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x409 px

Category: One player   3D   Shooting  

Language: English

Played Total: 6616

Votes: 75

Game Title: 3D Bottle Shooter

Game Rating: (73%)

Screenshot #1

Play 3D Bottle Shooter online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play 3D Bottle Shooter online - Screenshot 2



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