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Free online games - One player games -   Arctic fruits

Arctic fruits

arctic_fruits // desktop 728409

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Arctic fruits


Game Description

Arctic fruits: play for free with us
Arctic Fruits: a match-3 game, in which a player has to collect items, matching them in 3 or more – to make boosters, which are the goal of this online game. When 4 and more items of the same kind are formed in vertical or horizontal line, they make the ‘frozen fruit’. Those fruits differing in how many colors of the items in the gaming field are: 6.
When the frozen fruit is made, you have to include it into some other 3, 4, or more items in a row – to make it deleted from the gaming field. When you do that, it goes below the field and gets into paws of a small penguin, who pushes those blocks to the right, to a finish line.
When the line is crossed, the level completes. The penguin has to move across the entire screen – so prepare yourself for making a lot of frozen blocks to finish the level.
The idea behind the game is as follows: there is a penguin, who wants to stack up as many frozen fruits as possible – obviously, to eat them after. And a player has to help him do this. This simple idea is manifested in simple and fun online free game, which can easily take hours and days of your life – just let it capture you fully.
So, the main features of it are:
- collecting frozen fruits to cross the finish line
- watch for 4 and more items in a row – as they give those fruits, while the 3 items in a row only give score points.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x409 px

Category: One player   Match 3  

Language: English

Played Total: 6423

Votes: 64

Game Title: Arctic fruits

Game Rating: (67%)

Screenshot #1

Play Arctic fruits online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Arctic fruits online - Screenshot 2



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