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Boat rush

boat_rush // desktop 728455

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Boat rush


Game Description

Boat rush: how to play and features to know
Do you love free games, where you have to go through the path filled with different obstacles, collecting items along the way? If you do – you are a lucky person, as this game is exactly such. The main action hero here is the boat viewed from the top. When a player collects enough coins (during the progress), he or she can buy another boat from the presented. It’s hard to tell whether they differ actually in velocity or the ability to turn but definitely, they look different.
Controls are made with left and right buttons – as during the navigation the route, there will be many obstacles to avoid, coins to collect, and boosters to gather.
What’s exciting about the boosters – there are many types of them, as it usually happens in such online free games, but the boosters on the gaming field here are presented as the all-in-one items. Their outward appearance changes every fraction of a second, and there is a matter of a lucky strike – to catch the specific booster. So, in other words, you never know upfront, which exactly booster you will catch. Such approach eliminates the situation, which is inherent to other online games played for free – when a player wants to collect only some specific boosters, ignoring the other he or she doesn’t like.
The list of the obstacles is as follows:
- rounds pits
- rocks
- energetic lines stretched along the way or placed at the angle to the route (diagonally or perpendicularly).

The collectible items are:
- coins
- nice boosters
- bad boosters.
The last ones include those, which end your game once caught. They are not included in the list of obstacles as they can move on the track, unlike the standstill obstacles. The other items, which are presented on the track, are trampolines, jumping on which, it is possible to fly over the nearby obstacle or a bad booster.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x455 px

Category: One player   Other   Action   Army   Adventure   Simulation   Survival   Skill   Boat Racing   Bomb   Boy   Bullet Hell   Rocket   Shooting  

Language: English

Played Total: 8557

Votes: 78

Game Title: Boat rush

Game Rating: (65%)

Screenshot #1

Play Boat rush online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Boat rush online - Screenshot 2



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