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Free online games - Action games -   Bottle Shoot

Bottle Shoot

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Bottle Shoot


Game Description

The game for idle time: Bottle Shoot for free
What are the features of this game, you ask? Just shoot empty bottles. It is very easy but complex at the same time.

But let’s start with why it is easy:
• you have a limitless number of bullets to shoot
• your revolver reloads automatically within a fraction of a second after being emptied, so you can take as many shots as needed, limited with anything, with any speed you need
• you can take any height of the revolver suitable for you as a player
• you don’t have to take aim – just shoot using the eye precision – it is 100% accurate in shooting, it has no deviations in the fly of a bullet
• there are no such real-life effects working on the revolver as a time needed to pull up the trigger, cool it down when it is heated from shooting, or neither it has a kickback
• bottles don’t end too. And they can be hit several with one single bullet.

Now about the negative sides that make playing this online free game complicated:
• in addition to bottles that are thrown in the air, there are also grenades. Shooting one of them means losing all 3 lives at once
• when a bottle is dropped and you don’t hit it, 1 life is deducted. Only three lives are given, so it is easy to lose them fast
• the grenades are thrown at the same time in often cases along with the bottles – so you have to choose: either you bet on luck and try to shoot a bottle without shooting the grenade (hoping to escape losing three lives at once), either you will drop both of them, losing one life for sure
• the bullets you shoot don’t run to the bottles instantaneously.They take some time to get from one side of the screen to another, so there is some, let it call, inertia.

Estimating it from all sides, we say that it has only one level that you can endlessly replay in an attempt to win the even bigger score. You can compete with your friends on the same device or several – to see who will be on top. We wish you luck!


Game Information

Screen dimension: 720x480 px

Category: Action   Arcade   Shooting   Gun  

Language: English

Played Total: 11845

Votes: 172

Game Title: Bottle Shoot

Game Rating: (78%)

Screenshot #1

Play Bottle Shoot online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Bottle Shoot online - Screenshot 2



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