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Free online games - One player games -   Bounzy Online

Bounzy Online

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Bounzy Online


Game Description

Bounzy Online: why is it so fun to play this online game?
It is almost impossible to draw yourself from this free game: minute after minute, hour after hour, you can almost endlessly play this game, finding that it is already night over the window, and another day has started but you are still playing it.

It is really entangling and captivating, giving the required buzz with a balanced development of:
• hits you do on your enemies
• defence of your gates (or a tower if you would call it that to attribute this free game online to tower defence ones)
• power of your spells (yes, there is additional magic here).

Enemies gradually become stronger so you can have a long-lasting interest in eliminating them. Once you develop your weapons three-four times, you receive super-cool thing to kill foes, which blasts 3-4-5 cells with enemies at once.

But more than the direct power you have as a player, it is about the right trajectory of those hits you release on your enemies. Practicing different angles and letting them run behind the attacking front of your foes, you can try to eliminate as many of them per one hit as possible.
To make upgrades, you have several options:
• laboratory
• academy
• and chest – it will not make updates, just will give money (but still needed for usage).

So what is the general characteristic of this online free game, after all? It is about bouncing hitters on the attacking enemies. But it is also about tower defence – as the global idea of the entire enterprise is to defence your castle from attacking orcs and their bosses at the end of every level.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 700x960 px

Category: One player   Strategy   Adventure   Upgrade   Tower Defense  

Language: English

Played Total: 6350

Votes: 88

Game Title: Bounzy Online

Game Rating: (80%)

Screenshot #1

Play Bounzy Online online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Bounzy Online online - Screenshot 2



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