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Free online games - One player games -   Cat And Ghosts

Cat And Ghosts

cat_and_ghosts desktop 728364

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Cat And Ghosts


Game Description

Can cats and ghosts coexist together? Let’s find out from this free online game!
Being a cat is not an easy job: you sleep all the day, eat all the time, play with a ball of yarn, and make your cat’s tray constantly dirty.

But this is not the case in this free game played online: the cat here is a very brave creature, which protects own master while he sleeps. The ambiance is a gothic-style castle filled with ghosts. Once the master of the building comes to sleep, they arise from their non-existence and start attacking his body under a plaid. The task of a cat – get rid of them to avoid them to wake his man.

The leveling system in the game is made in a very attractive style. Instead of ‘levels’ here are ‘nights’. And each night lasts for a certain time. If you, as a cat, withstand all attacks of ghosts during the given time and your master won’t be deprived of his life at 100%, consider you win this level and automatically move to the next one.

The specific traits of the game and it’s process are:
1. There is more than one type of ghosts.
2. They come as loners and in small groups.
3. They all die from one touch of a brave kitten. Sometimes the cat makes combo-kills.
4. The kitten can jump through the entire screen without visible hardness.
5. When a ghost touches the sleeping man, he takes -1 of 100 in the life level of a sleeping person, doing it with a speed of about -3 per each second.

Can you beat them all? Sure! But you have to be attentive, look at all sides, plan your jumps, and remember about some influence of gravity, which gives a nice degree of vivacity to this ghoulish online game.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x364 px

Category: One player   Defense   Arcade  

Language: English

Played Total: 6718

Votes: 17

Game Title: Cat And Ghosts

Game Rating: (76%)

Screenshot #1

Play Cat And Ghosts online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Cat And Ghosts online - Screenshot 2



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