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Cosmic Bee

cosmic_bee desktop 480720

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Cosmic Bee


Game Description

Feel as a Cosmic Bee and fight stellar obstacles on our online server
This online game is a perfect time killer. Having 26 levels (we don’t know why this number, not some round one like 25 or 50), this game gets significantly more and more complex with each of them.

What to do? A player has to make a bee wearing a helmet and spacesuit to fly from start to finish with small stages landing into something, which we can call capsules. Those capsules are easy at first but soon they grow more complicated, starting having the protection made of satellites (or asteroids) revolving around them.

This is not all: with each next level, the asteroids protection gets harder and can include:
• several orbits
• different sizes and shapes of rocks on each orbit
• varying velocity and direction of revolving at different orbits.

This kind of protection makes it really hard to pull a bee into this capsule. However, hitting some obstacle is not necessarily the end. A player can be given the second chance. It not always works (don’t count on it too often) but when it does, you save the level progress, which is also quite nice.

Restart is fast, which is time-friendly. Progressing through levels is vividly visually implemented. So, if you wanna kill some time – let this free game consume it.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 480x720 px

Category: One player   Arcade   Puzzle   Cartoon  

Language: English

Played Total: 4360

Votes: 37

Game Title: Cosmic Bee

Game Rating: (54%)

Screenshot #1

Play Cosmic Bee online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Cosmic Bee online - Screenshot 2



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Cosmic Bee Video Walkthrough