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Free online games - One player games -   Cricket Fielder Challenge Game

Cricket Fielder Challenge Game

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Cricket Fielder Challenge Game


Game Description

Cricket Fielder Challenge Game: how to play online
This is a cricket online game that may be played for free: and you will feel in the role of a ball catcher.
At first, to start the game, you have to select a country you will play for, and the one the CPU will enact. (However, you have to know that this selection means absolutely nothing as it does not change the mechanics of the playing process). Next, you are explained that to catch balls the batter will give you, you have to control your gloves. When the process is started, you realize that the eye precision is very important here. As it is not so easy to catch the ball, which may whip veeeery closely to the gloves – and you will still miss it.
The score is formed based on how good you catch the ball. Surely, being unable to hook it gives you zero points, while the lucky and good catch will be able to bring you over 100 points in the score.
When all balls are run out, the total score is calculated for the current round.
The thing is not only to put a glove to the trajectory of the ball preventing it from slipping away from you but actually, to catch it – as only preventing it from flying and hitting your glove will not automatically mean that you’ve caught it.
The inscriptions on the screen will depict how good you play. When you have 1 ball in your hand, it says ‘Good’. After two, it says ‘Great’, after three, it says ‘Excellent’. When you’ve missed, it says ‘Missed’.
The entire point is in hooking balls, which do not run into the same place – they have some grouping, accuracy of the trajectory, which is not too much predictable. So this is a reaction and eye precision online free game.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 455x728 px

Category: One player    

Language: English

Played Total: 5953

Votes: 63

Game Title: Cricket Fielder Challenge Game

Game Rating: (73%)

Screenshot #1

Play Cricket Fielder Challenge Game online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Cricket Fielder Challenge Game online - Screenshot 2



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