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Free online games - Action games -   Death car.IO

Death car.IO

death_cario desktop 728455

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Death car.IO


Game Description

Death car online game description
This online free IO game gives you a car that you ride. The process consists of the following rules:
• you have a limited nitrogen to boost the speed of your vehicle. It comes to an end slowly, allowing you to push the other cars. But when it is over, you won’t lose – you just have to wait as it replenishes pretty fast, allowing you to go back to the game swiftly
• the goal is to push the other cars that are on the same map with you (about ten opponents simultaneously)
• every vehicle has the limited life – but when anyone is hit, the entire life is not deducted at once, only a portion of it is deducted. So you have to bump someone for a number of times to kill him completely
• when you hit the wall that surrounds your field on the perimeter, your life is also deducted. Several bumps in it mean losing your life
• when you kill someone, your car earns points and rises in the size. We’re not sure what’s the maximum size of it, though, as it is hard to stay alive in this online free game for more than several minutes.

Features of the gaming process
1. It is hard to rule your vehicle – it does not listen to your commands at once. It has a long inertia, through which you have to wait to make your car do what you command it to do.
2. The normal riding is eliminated – instead, it feels like you have not an asphalt but ice under your wheels – as you do not ride, you slide on the surface. Very confusing – as it is the asphalt that is drawn under the wheels.
3. The radius of turn is big. Combined with sliding, it takes you much time to bump a car you’ve spotted. Add here the motion of this car and inertia we’ve mentioned earlier – and as the result, you receive a confusingly-controlled vehicle that needs quite a time to get used to playing it.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x455 px

Category: Action   One player   Other   .IO   Multiplayer   Crash   Driving  

Language: English

Played Total: 32988

Votes: 785

Game Title: Death car.IO

Game Rating: (74%)

Screenshot #1

Play Death car.IO online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Death car.IO online - Screenshot 2



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