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Esc 4 Home

esc_4_home desktop 480320

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Esc 4 Home


Game Description

Esc 4 Home: how to play this amusing online free game
Imagine you stuck at work but you have a date with a super amazing mega-super-extra cool dame, who is waiting for you to arrive to give all of her time only to you. But there are so many hours and minutes to the end of the working day and you’re just a clerk. Your boss is a super strict dude, who only knows ‘Back to work’ words when you are asking him to leave the workplace for today.

So, what to do? The boss won’t let you out of his sight but you can’t just do nothing! Right? So you come up with a mischievous but really doable plan: escape. That’s where this online free game starts logically: level one. Here, as on any other further level, you have to navigate the territory using arrows of a keyboard or finger swipes in order to collect all keys on the screen and free yourself, exiting in the level’s door.

If you encounter your boss (one or several of them) during your roaming, you’ll hear “Back to Work!” and one life is deducted from yours three. When you face him 3 times, the game is over and can be restarted (from the very beginning of level 1, no matter what’s the progress!).

Have a huge fun playing it!


Game Information

Screen dimension: 480x320 px

Category: One player   Adventure   Arcade   Escape   RPG  

Language: English

Played Total: 3851

Votes: 34

Game Title: Esc 4 Home

Game Rating: (65%)

Screenshot #1

Play Esc 4 Home online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Esc 4 Home online - Screenshot 2



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