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Free online games - One player games -   Finger Driver Neon

Finger Driver Neon

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Finger Driver Neon


Game Description

Finger Driver Neon 2018 – what features can you learn playing it?
Probably, it is one of the hardest online games that we have ever played. But that circumstance makes it so thrillingly exciting to play!

There’s a track, which you have to conquer without bumping onto its edges. It is not that easy to do because:
1. The track is pretty narrow
2. The car accelerates and moves with significant speed, which makes it hard to manage
3. The speed only slows down (temporarily) when you bump onto something
4. A player only has two controls – right and left turn. They are done very fast. Too fast, in fact. So bumping is only a question of time.

A player has 3 lives for free. Three chances to bump onto the track’s edge before the car’s dead. But it is possible to collect boosters:
• to keep you alive longer, there’s a shield booster. No matter how many bumps you do during its work, the only result will be slowing down of the speed, without negative consequences for a car. Slowing down is a positivity so with all your efforts, you shall strive to obtain the shield
• to make coins automatically collected, there’s a magnet booster. Take it if you need in-game coins. Why? To buy another car. The smallest paid amount is 200 coins, the biggest – 400 (for Formula-1 car).

But why is it so fun to play if it’s so hard? Well, first of all – it’s the track itself. It is randomly generated each time, so no two similar tracks will be presented. It means that there will be no such a thing as memory on how to pass it – the only thing to rely on are your reflexes.

Then it comes unpredictability – with different angles of proceeding with a track and randomly submitted boosters, you never know what to expect next. Isn’t it delightful?


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x547 px

Category: One player   Arcade   Action   Boy   Car   Driving   Skill  

Language: English

Played Total: 7113

Votes: 139

Game Title: Finger Driver Neon

Game Rating: (71%)

Screenshot #1

Play Finger Driver Neon online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Finger Driver Neon online - Screenshot 2



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