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Free online games - One player games -   Halloween Horror Massacre

Halloween Horror Massacre

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Halloween Horror Massacre


Game Description

Do you love blood and intestines? Then try online free game Halloween Horror Massacre
Well, actually, this free game is not that scary as the heading tells. How to play:
— select a hero first. By default, it is Freddy Krueger (comes for free), Frankenstein (costs you 100 coins), Jason Voorhees (from the Friday, the 13th films, costs you 200 coins), Scream character (as you understand it correctly, he is the ghoul from the Scream franchise, costs 300 coins)
— the point is to cut pieces of a never-ending tree that has branches growing on its trunk. They can grow from the right side or from the left
— to cut them, a player has only three controls – the first is the mouse (or tapping) – for those players who aren’t playing on a PC. The other two are right and left arrows.

It would not seem so hard if the controls were not inverted. When it comes to a mouse, it’s okay but when a player uses arrows, they are inverted. This means that if you want to cut a tree to the left side towards the screen’s center, you have to press the right button. It is a bit confusing. But when it comes to speed of cutting, arrows are definitely faster than the mouse but cause more deaths.

About the speed in this online free game: it is important. There is a progress bar at the top, which signifies the left time. The faster you do the cuts, the more time is given. Once you stop cutting, the progress bar decreases, leaving you waiting for an imminent death. The death also comes when the head of your gaming avatar goes under the falling branch. So always make sure you are at least 1 cell from the falling branch (after it will fall).

How do you earn coins to unlock all other heroes? It is simple – make the high score of the same number or over to unblock them. Why would you want to unblock? Because every hero has its own way of cutting the tree and it looks fun.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x547 px

Category: One player   Arcade  

Language: English

Played Total: 12654

Votes: 325

Game Title: Halloween Horror Massacre

Game Rating: (75%)

Screenshot #1

Play Halloween Horror Massacre online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Halloween Horror Massacre online - Screenshot 2



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