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Hero Tales

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Hero Tales


Game Description

What tales do heroes tell each other? Learn from this free online game
This is rather not talking, this is watching as the hero with a sword is getting through hordes of foes that can take very eerie forms. If we didn’t know that this game is not designed for Halloween, we’d definitely think so.

In the essence of implementation, this is the runner, from left to right, and the running hero is some sort of a nobleman, who has to avoid being killed while running the specific distance. This distance becomes gradually bigger with levels but he has degrees of protection as well:
• collectibles inside levels that improve life: eggplants that looks similar to big bananas, and pumpkins. Each of them replenishes its own portion of life.
• the experience that is collected from the assassination of each foe – when the XP line reaches max, the bigger life is given to a player and the full life is replenished. Such a wave of instant rejuvenations is much more helpful than the collectibles
• something a hero can buy in the store of this free online game:
o XP multiplier – to receive in-round rejuvenations more often killing the same amount of foes
o Initial life – despite to the often incremental pieces to maximum life that you also collect while running, the initial amount of life helps bigger
o Protection ability – allows the player’s avatar to receive lesser damage for hitting foes.

Yes, the hero receives damage when hits the foes. This is the peculiarity of the game – you must eventually choose your own balance between killing foes (getting more money) and avoiding them to keep your life (longer running but lesser money). However, when your parameters bought in the store are developed to the maximum, you shall afraid for a very few things actually.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x547 px

Category: One player   Arcade   Action   Skill   Adventure   Upgrade   Warrior  

Language: English

Played Total: 6288

Votes: 69

Game Title: Hero Tales

Game Rating: (72%)

Screenshot #1

Play Hero Tales online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Hero Tales online - Screenshot 2



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