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Free online games - One player games -   Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact

Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact

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Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact


Game Description

Online game Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact
Playing this game, you should feel like the cartoon and children version of Indiana Jones, who is seeking the hidden objects in the rooms. We don’t know where those rooms are located and why do they contain so much various stuff but we know one thing for sure: our little Indiana is about to search them all to find objects he is looking for.

If to think it thoroughly, it’s hard to tell why would anyone place any objects in the rooms, leaving the access to them to our Indiana to make his search. What kind of real-life situation could be to trigger that? We don’t know but the fact stays: the rooms are filled with many objects, the most part of which is exotic and has been definitely brought here from various countries of the world. The number of rooms is limited but the set of things wanted to be found differs from round to round and also it changes in the same room (in the differing level).

There are some restrictions a player of this free online game must observe:
• don’t click/tap too often as it will make a little Indiana to halt you saying you are too fast
• make your taps as precise as possible as even the one-millimeter shift from the contour of the object will not bring the good result
• the level has the time ticking counter but it rather does not affect anything when it comes to calculating the end result for each level.

We hope you will enjoy the beautiful graphics of this free online game.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 640x480 px

Category: One player   Adventure   Hidden Objects  

Language: English

Played Total: 3445

Votes: 28

Game Title: Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact

Game Rating: (68%)

Screenshot #1

Play Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact online - Screenshot 2



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amazing game dudes


Hidden Object: Mysterious Artifact Video Walkthrough