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Free online games - One player games -   Icesters Trouble

Icesters Trouble

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Icesters Trouble


Game Description

Online game Icesters Trouble: what’s that and how to play online?
This is one of the most hilarious mind games. Not only it comes for free on our online server but also really thrills the brain, totally captivating your attention for long hours. As the practice shows, you can play this game not only by yourself but also involving other adult and adolescent members of your family, as well as friends and other relatives. And, if you don’t have some urgent things to do (like operating someone if you are a surgeon or ceasing a fire is you are a fireman), this free game promises to take your attention (and time) for indefinitely long.

So, what actions must be done in order to play it:
• there are the platforms with several types of cubes
• a player must lower down one specific (light-blue) type of cubes (actually, parallelepipeds) down on the platform, in either way: standing, lying, or upside down
• the must-need to follow rule is that all those light-blue cubes must be lowered in any number of moves (they don’t count here) on the limited-length platform without losing even one.

It is not simple indeed, as it would seem at the first look because of varying types of cubes and a possibility to shapeshift them once some of the types of blocks are destroyed or removed, it is easy to lose your target cubes. This circumstance and the fun way the blocks are drawn (coupled with hilarious muzzles they take when something goes wrong or they just move) make this free game one of the most entangling ones ever.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 720x480 px

Category: One player   Puzzle  

Language: English

Played Total: 5000

Votes: 46

Game Title: Icesters Trouble

Game Rating: (61%)

Screenshot #1

Play Icesters Trouble online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Icesters Trouble online - Screenshot 2



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