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Knife Hit

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Knife Hit


Game Description

Knife Hit Online: learn to play this free game
It may seem at the start that a player’s task is to hit all apples positioned on the surface of the rotating log. However, when a player fulfills it, he or she still has left a lot of unused knives. Then it comes understanding that the real goal is to make all knives hit and stick the log.

During the gaming process, there are such restrictions and peculiarities:
• it is impossible to place knifes too close to each other as one will hit another and the entire game will be over with the ability to start it from very beginning no matter at what stage of progress you were before the end
• the log rotates with uneven speed (even stopping) and can change the direction of rotation at any time
• each level is not similar to self after the restart – the log can change the speed of rotation and a number of items positioned on it. Those items can be apples and knifes (it can also be deprived of all items as well)
• when four levels of this online free game are completed, the player is allowed to the boss level, #5. The ‘boss’ is another type of log. For instance, a big tomato or a wheel of fortune
• it is possible to progress through levels without hitting apples located on the log’s surface – as they really play no other role but visual.

It might seem that this free online game is simple. But it is not. Passing through all 4 levels is almost impossible from one attempt. Most likely, it will take 20-30-60 minutes to complete the game or even more.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x933 px

Category: One player   Arcade  

Language: English

Played Total: 15362

Votes: 202

Game Title: Knife Hit

Game Rating: (68%)

Screenshot #1

Play Knife Hit online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Knife Hit online - Screenshot 2



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