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Free online games - One player games -   Let’s play golf!

Let’s play golf!

lets_play_golf // desktop 728364

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Let’s play golf!


Game Description

Let’s play golf! Says this online free game
This is an easy online game with not too real physics.
Of course, as in every free golf game, it has to have a normal predictable physics to explore, where the ball is going to go. Everything’s fine with this here when the ball is in the air. However, when it comes to the case when it’s on the ground – things change. It becomes more resisting than it should be. Although it is not a bad thing at all – it actually helps. How? Imagine that you’ve hit it hard and now it flies somewhere it shouldn’t. So, in the real world, it would have stopped very far – as the physics of sliding (actually called inertia) would make it stop not quite where you wanted it to stop. However, in this online game that everyone can play for free on our site, it tends not to go too far – actually, it would likely to stop about 50% faster than it would in the real world.

The features of this online game
1) there are many levels, which get harder and harder – but, eventually, not too hard to prevent you from playing
2) the only limiters a player will have is the difference in terrain as everything other is very understandable – the ball’s trajectory positioning, the speed of a shot
3) there are no preventing conditions that would likely were there in the real world – small unevennesses of the terrain’s surface, wind, bedazzling sun, falling leaves, and akin
4) when you drown the ball in the water, you get penalty of +1 shot (as it is known that as lesser balls you will use to reach the golf hole the better) – and each level indicates, beyond what quantity of hits you receive 3, 2 or 1 stars (getting 0 stars meaning failing the level).


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x364 px

Category: One player   Action    

Language: English

Played Total: 16647

Votes: 200

Game Title: Let’s play golf!

Game Rating: (73%)

Screenshot #1

Play Let’s play golf! online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Let’s play golf! online - Screenshot 2



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