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Free online games - Action games -   Maze Monster

Maze Monster

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Maze Monster


Game Description

There is a monster, who lives in a maze… And it is not a horror story the monster is blue and fluffy. He loves candies can anyone evil love candies? However, the sweets are placed all over the maze. The monster will need some help with finding the way. Assume control over the situation and make sure the monster is not hungry.

How to play
All rules are simple. You do not need to memorise anything convoluted.
Run the game.
Find candy.
Lead the monster to the candy.
Click on the screen to indicate the direction.
Discover or stumble on the way to sweets.
Don't get lost in a convoluted maze of corridors.

There are 45 levels in total. Each is more complex compared to the preceeding. You start with simple levels, where just a few clicks will lead you to the winning cake. As you proceed, the maze grows, a quantity of corridors, turns, and dead ends increases.
You can use two strategies to haul yourself out. At first, you may analyze a possible way out and then move the monster to a cake. If he seems bored, find the way out together.

Benefits of playing
The game may seem really simple in terms of graphics and easy in terms of strategy. However, Maze Monster in more than just an entertaining game. Sometimes it becomes a real brain twister. While the initial levels are not very complicated, solving some mazes in the following levels is a true challenge.
The game trains players’ logic and attention. It teaches to think ahead. When picking a direction, you do not know, where it is going to lead. You should keep an eye on every turn and crossroad. When a player runs into a dead end, they does not lose. However, they slow down and have to change the route.
Don't be in a hurry. Find the right way and lead the monster to its aim.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 516x915 px

Category: Action   Arcade   Escape   One player   Maze   Kids  

Language: English

Played Total: 7330

Votes: 112

Game Title: Maze Monster

Game Rating: (67%)

Screenshot #1

Play Maze Monster online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Maze Monster online - Screenshot 2



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