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Free online games - One player games -   Mountain Hop

Mountain Hop

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Mountain Hop


Game Description

What is Mountain Hop? Let’s check it out for free now!
Your hero in this free online game is a hopper from the top of the mountain. Everything is made in the primitive graphics, like the Minecraft – squares stylized to the objects of the real world: the mountain, your hero, his foes…

The goal of playing is to jump down for as far as you can: our current record is 158 points. Will you beat it?

Doing one jump down, you can jump at one cell. Jumping is possible down left or down right. No ups are doable.

Doing your descending, beware of following things:
1. Dudes that jump on the field – unlike you, they can jump up and it’s hard to make a prognosis, which cell they will jump next. When they hop on you, you’re dead. By the way, no matter what jumping dude you encounter – they all are deadly.
2. Natural obstacles that won’t let you hop on their cell – they are mostly the trees.
3. Cliffs – when the cells end, the cliff is so easy to jump off.
4. Water – it runs you down in its direction, maybe to the cliff or maybe to the imminent death, who knows – so hop off it as soon as you can.
5. Pieces of the ground that slide down under you – the normal soil pieces take some time to slide but the cracked ones do it immediately, burying you down.
6. TNT cells explode in a while.
7. Spikes are deadly – obviously. They not only appear vertically but also horizontally.
8. Poisonous terrain – once you step on it, only the pink potion of life can bring you back to life, without which you’re dead.
9. Swamp cell will drag and slow you down.
10. Stars are collectible items that add more than 1 to your score.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 640x640 px

Category: One player   3D   Arcade   Skill  

Language: English

Played Total: 5044

Votes: 68

Game Title: Mountain Hop

Game Rating: (69%)

Screenshot #1

Play Mountain Hop online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Mountain Hop online - Screenshot 2



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Mountain Hop Video Walkthrough