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Free online games - One player games -   Parking Meister

Parking Meister

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Parking Meister


Game Description

Let’s study how to park right. Try the Parking Meister online
If you don’t know how to park, this free game will not teach you. Why? Simply because here you will use not the car gears and steering wheel but arrows on your keyboard. And you will not look at the street from inside of the premise of your car but from the top, on the city, with a little detalization of your car and the surrounding ambiance visible. This will not teach you to feel the dimensions of the car, not to steer correctly. So it’s not a simulator, it’s a game that only mentions something.

The controls of the car are too exaggerated: when you want to turn only slightly, it makes the devilishly big turn, which makes it impossible to ride smoothly and evenly, like in the real car you would, which will result in either of these outcomes:
1. You will play for a long time to park a car right
2. You will move your car really slow and little by little to avoid bumping anywhere (as it will make the round end)
3. You’ll get used to the controls and finish levels with 3 stars.

Why is it so important to complete with 3 stars? Because there are levels 29 and 30, which only will open to play if the gamer completes all 1-28 levels with 3 stars. You have to try really hard to make it. So immerse yourself in this free game online if you have enough time and durability of mind to overcome the city obstacles while finding your parking lot.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x485 px

Category: One player   Car   Parking   Driving   Skill  

Language: English

Played Total: 5873

Votes: 129

Game Title: Parking Meister

Game Rating: (65%)

Screenshot #1

Play Parking Meister online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Parking Meister online - Screenshot 2



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