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Free online games - One player games -   Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake

Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake

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Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake


Game Description

Play Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake game for free online with us
Playing this online game is easy: you will have to go throw several stages, guided by the narration line. It is impossible to make something wrong, as there are tips everywhere.
This game is full-cycle. So let’s consider its stages:
1. First thing’s first – buying ingredients in the store:
- You take things from the shelves and put them in the basket. What things to take? Pony will guide you through.
- The progress bar at the bottom indicates your success. Of course, the mentioned bar is rainbow-colored.
- When going through the counter, you tick every merchandise through the reader and pack things to carry home. Paying for them, stage 1 is complete.
2. Now, it’s the cooking stage.
- You take and prepare ingredients you just bought.
- When they are mixed into the dough, you have to distribute it through bowls.
- Then, you have to make coloring up of the bowls with liquids – they will be pieces of cakes and making them differently-colored is making the basis for the rainbow.
- After the colors are added and well mixed, you have to put them into heart-shaped trays to put into the oven.
- Bake them one by one.
- Put the layers one on another and grease them with a sweet spread in between.
- After that, you put decorations on top of the cake, when all 7 layers are laid.
- After you put three types of décor, the game is over.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x436 px

Category: One player    

Language: English

Played Total: 5096

Votes: 102

Game Title: Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake

Game Rating: (58%)

Screenshot #1

Play Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Pony Cooking Rainbow Cake online - Screenshot 2



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beautiful game