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Free online games - One player games -   Road of Fury: Desert Strike

Road of Fury: Desert Strike

road_of_fury_desert_strike desktop 728409

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Road of Fury: Desert Strike


Game Description

How to play Road of Fury: Desert Strike?
This is one of such online games, which have one in common feature: their screen is constantly moved to the right, and the protagonist always moves (with the same speed very frequently from game to game) to this side too without visible efforts. So, its velocity is something that a player shall not control – it comes on its own. Very rarely, there are controls that may slow down or speed up – but if they present, they must be a more thorough part of the game that just speed increasing/decreasing – and some gaming goals must be connected to them (like drive without touching the slow-down gear for 50 miles or something like that).
In this online free game, the creators worked really good, elaborating a complex (but not complicated) gameplay, in which a player immerses totally.
It’s much more than just going forward in the desert and shooting foes. It also about:
— development of your vehicle, even buying a new one to help you do the progress. This new one is much bigger and substantially better protected and armed than your initial small car. It goes in front of you, protecting from attacks of bad guys – and killing them definitely more efficient than you could do on your own
— substantial skills in short-term planning are must (or else you have to develop them actively here): as there are foes in the front and in the air (2 directions), and you have to switch between them, prioritizing between targets each and every second. This makes a process tensed and thrilling
— good eye precision skills – they are on the lower level, under the short-term planning – as you have to be precise to shoot your foes to death. Although, it is also about work of your mouse or tapping a finger – as there is a line that shows the direction of your hits but what moves it is your palm
— selecting wisely, where to spend your money at: there are boosters you can buy for the money you earn within each level (it is added and it is possible to save until it is enough for your next purchase). It is possible to acquire devices like temporary invincibility to a car, missiles that will hit your enemies dead in one shot, disability to their weapons, also temporal. Also, the weapons upgrades are costly but effective – especially after the purchase of the new truck, which is ready to crush enemies’ bones.
Overall, it’s a fun game that will entangle you for many hours – not minutes, unlike some other free online games that are playable on our servers.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x409 px

Category: One player   Action   Shooting   Car   Upgrade  

Language: English

Played Total: 25505

Votes: 626

Game Title: Road of Fury: Desert Strike

Game Rating: (72%)

Screenshot #1

Play Road of Fury: Desert Strike online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Road of Fury: Desert Strike online - Screenshot 2



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