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Free online games - One player games -   Run Astro Run

Run Astro Run

run_astro_run desktop 728409

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Run Astro Run


Game Description

Run Astro Run: what features does it have and how to play it
This free online game was obviously named after the film “Run Lola Run” of the 1998 year. It was centered around the girl who needed to run or unless something bad will happen. In this online free game, the things are the same:
— the protagonist is a cute alien creature, who can jump either on 1 cell or on two cells during one go
— to decide, which number of cells to jump at, a player is given proper controls located at the bottom of the gaming area: in the right and in the left
— only two controls are applicable – those mentioned above – but that does not make this game a piece of cozy trifle
— it is not that easy as it seems at first glance and below we will give the list of hard stuff that makes this game really thrilling and thus – absolutely entangling.

The list of tricks of this online free game that harden it
• it is easy to confuse 1- and 2-jumps buttons
• there is a red alien that overtakes you from the left and top when you are waiting for too long on one place motionlessly
• there are comets that fly from the right that are able to incinerate you if you touch their side, no matter what, even a little bit
• there are pits between the jumping blocks that you can fall into
• there are red-heated hot blocks that you must avoid to jump at – and to make it even harder, some of those blocks are constantly red and you have to avoid them at all times, while some of them are only periodically hot and you have no other choice but to jump on them exclusively on the right moment
• there is a gap between the last platform and your spaceship, to which you have to strive. It visually looks like a gap for 1-cell jump but that’s not true – it is a two-cells jump – and it is so easy to forget about it, losing in despair one step left from victory.

When you combine these together, you will receive a picture that will leave you no spare second for thoughts and pondering. They make this online game played for free very agile and filled with motion. It very easily becomes addictive either – and you can leave it be only when you complete all its levels.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x409 px

Category: One player   Action   Arcade  

Language: English

Played Total: 4177

Votes: 24

Game Title: Run Astro Run

Game Rating: (58%)

Screenshot #1

Play Run Astro Run online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Run Astro Run online - Screenshot 2



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