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Free online games - One player games -   Space Chasers

Space Chasers

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Space Chasers


Game Description

Online Space Chasers: play them for free
No matter what you do in this free game played online, your time will eventually run out. It is just the way it is built. And there’s no shame that you let it happen. Besides, time-inducing games give much more thrill and fun if to ponder about it.

This is a Match 3 game, which is space-themed. In the beginning, the conflict is created to give sense to everything that is going on: the brave space ranger is raising on the protection of his planet (or whatever he has there) against the space pirates. Thus, he becomes a space chaser. To make the chase, the player on this side of the screen is given with the field filled with hexagonally shaped pictures of the good heroes of the free online game:
• the Ranger,
• his helping Robot,
• the rude Dude (we aren’t sure about his role),
• the Lady with blue hair (maybe a love interest of the Ranger),
• also, there is some green creature, which also tells the score. As it seems, he is on our side as he is smiling and helpful.

So, each time you combine three or more same hexagons, the spaceship of the Ranger can shoot at the pirates to kill them dead. Another pirate ship is always ongoing and the process seems endless – only the time counter is against you. It is ticking down and only the good combination of hexagons raises it. However, eventually, good and very good options of the matching end and the counter stops… However, it’s in your hands to make it last for a really, really long time.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 480x640 px

Category: One player   Match 3   Arcade   Puzzle  

Language: English

Played Total: 4169

Votes: 22

Game Title: Space Chasers

Game Rating: (86%)

Screenshot #1

Play Space Chasers online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Space Chasers online - Screenshot 2



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Space Chasers Video Walkthrough