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Free online games - One player games -   Stickman Golf Online

Stickman Golf Online

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Stickman Golf Online


Game Description

What is Stickman Golf Online and how to play this game to win?
First of all, Stickman is a creature often used in free online games as the protagonist. He is quite popular because there is no need to concentrate on his person – it is only enough to draw some simple sticks to make his limbs, body, and a ball for the head. They are drawn differently in each of online games but the point is that they are always primitive – in order not to waste the power of a video card of a PC or a mobile device to animate it.
The Stickman is not at the center of attention – he is more like an auxiliary person, whose only destiny is to hit the golf ball. In each level, you have to hit the ball to make it get into a hole. To do that, a player has two points of controls:
- setting the direction with two buttons that altogether make it possible to set the direction indicator at 360°, and separately – at 360° too but each of them works clockwise and counterclockwise
- setting the power of hit – the scale that goes on its own up and down when initiated by a player.

The ball stops really slowly on the terrain – and this can be named as one of the game’s largest drawbacks. However, the physics is very realistic – and it really helps playing it. The other features of this free game are:
- many sloped terrains and varying obstacles – to make it fun to play. Each next level will likely to provide a player with more possibilities to explore the terrain: with new hills, water pits (you lose when hit the ball into the water), rises and falls, and barrels scattered all over to make it harder
- crucial power difference in an easy hit and the strongest hit – and the best this difference is gained at the last millimeters of the power circle
- it is possible to replay the level for as many times as you want – until you reach the success
- collecting stars along the way – they are just lying on the terrain so you have to pick them with a ball to complete the level with at least any star.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x436 px

Category: One player   Action    

Language: English

Played Total: 4554

Votes: 31

Game Title: Stickman Golf Online

Game Rating: (61%)

Screenshot #1

Play Stickman Golf Online online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Stickman Golf Online online - Screenshot 2



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