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unite // desktop 404728

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Game Description

Describing free online game named ‘Unite’
‘Unite’ is the free online game that ends very soon. At first glance, it may seem you familiar – if you have ever played the ‘2048’ game – the one, in which you have to combine numbers starting from 1 to eventually reach number 2048 within a limited scope of the screen. This one also has a limited screen and merging numbers – but they are limited from ‘1’ to ‘6’ and you have to merge 3, 4 or 5 of them to make the higher number from lower. That is, combining at least three ‘1’, you will make one ‘2’, combining at least three ‘2’, you will make one ‘3’, and so on.
Such tactic loads the screen in a short while, and you soon run out of the free space, which leads to the game’s end.
There is another symbol presented on the screen – a star. You can merge the same three or more stars to create an explosion that will eliminate the closest items on the gaming field. That helps make the game continuing but not for too long – eventually, a player has to lose. The high score is what a player will eventually strive to.

Features of ‘Unite’ game
• blocks are installed in the field in 1 or 2
• you can rotate blocks, making them positioned just as you want – no limit in rotating is given, align them 360° in accordance with your current demands
• in one move you can arrange two or even three numbers merged together if you are lucky enough but the same, you can do not a thing if you are unlucky
• after each level, you receive points that are gathered and added to the existing score
• inside the ongoing game, you can use some features to ease the progress – change the number of a block that is about to be installed on the screen, clear one type of a block, clear one selected column or row, or clear all. Each of those costs you some coins – as much as you have earned inside this particular level (or watch the commercial to add to your balance)
• when you will run out of available space for placing blocks of two, you will be offered a block of 1 – the game understands this.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 404x728 px

Category: Alien   Other   One player   Match 3   Puzzle  

Language: English

Played Total: 17177

Votes: 187

Game Title: Unite

Game Rating: (66%)

Screenshot #1

Play Unite online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Unite online - Screenshot 2



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