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Free online games - One player games -   Valiant Knight

Valiant Knight

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Valiant Knight


Game Description

What features does Valiant Knight online game have? Learn now
The game is quite simple: there are 27 levels, each of which is boiled down to collecting coins. At first, 9 of them are open, which make the room #1. Room #2 opens when at least 15 stars are collected. Room #3 opens with at least 20 stars. Each perfectly passed level gives 3 stars. So, it is not that hard, in fact.

The ultimate goal is to collect all coins in each level staying at least with 1 life (this makes three stars guaranteed).

The entire adventure is needed in order to give those coins to a greedy king, who is not happy about the fact that knight Valiant is in love with his only daughter. So he told the price, which Valiant shall collect in this free online game.

The in-game avatar is dressed in armor and holds an unsheathed sword. For each level, he is given 3 lives, which are, frankly, very hard to spoil. But even so, the restart is always here and helps.

The hero can walk and run. Also, he is changing direction. The entire possible controls are replaced by the mouse. One click to make the level start. Another – to make him change the direction. Click and hold makes him running. The mouse click is also finely replaced with tapping, thus, making this free game perfectly played online on mobile and tablet devices.

The main obstacles are:
• spikes
• flames of fire
• barrels, hitting one the hero changes the direction (if it’s not what you wanted – you have to watch out to make him move in the required direction).

Play now and have fun!


Game Information

Screen dimension: 720x480 px

Category: One player   Action   Adventure  

Language: English

Played Total: 6295

Votes: 89

Game Title: Valiant Knight

Game Rating: (62%)

Screenshot #1

Play Valiant Knight online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Valiant Knight online - Screenshot 2



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