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Free online games -   Papas games

Papas Games

Papas Sushiria

Papas Sushiria

Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2

Papas Bakeria

Papas Bakeria


What are Papa's online free games like?
Probably, this is one of the tenderest and appealing genres of games. Papa is represented in minds of people as some soft-homy-cozy guy who will always protect you, be on your side, teach you something new and good. He’s fun, cool, understanding and sometimes strict but fair. For boys, it is very important to have the dad in their real lives to become a developed and strong person with forged character and good understanding what you should be like yourself when you grow up. For girls, the dad is important to feel huge warmth to him, rely on, cry with when another boy turned out a scum back and generally, to understand what the great person is like.
So, based on said above, the dad is a very important figure and image for humankind. That’s why, Papa's online free games are about warmth and food (like making cool burgers, cakes or pizzas in various cafes that may have heart-open names like Papa John’s or something). Or this can be learning to do some new things (like playing sports games, dancing, shooting, fishing, and akin). Some of them are about adventure (like going through levels searching for something or lurking).

What can a player do within Papa's games?
- have fun while learning how to cook or serve the customers when running some food court
- self-educating with new knowledge making self a better person.