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Free online games - One player games -   Blocky Sharpshooter

Blocky Sharpshooter

blocky_sharpshooter desktop 728455

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Blocky Sharpshooter


Game Description

Online game Blocky Sharpshooter: how to play and what are its features?
This free game is a shooter. It can even be named a classical shooter for speed. Within the given time, a player must deal with all enemies that randomly appear on the screen.

There are 12 levels and within each level, there are several sub-levels, inside of which a player has to destroy flocks of enemies. There is no explanation given of why these enemies attacking you and why they want to kill you. So just take it as a fact.

Every several levels, your foes progress.
• At first, they are only one type of enemies that take their aims to shoot at you and you have to prevent that.
• Then, there come reds, which jump and approach you. But killing them is rather easier because of that, only pay attention.
• Then come the Protected Foes. They wear some sort of armor so a player must hit them several times in order to kill. It should not be a problem though as they are slow and aiming at you would take them quite a time.

When the half of the game is complete, a player receives boosters, which help him to kill foes. For instance, a TNT block. Hitting it means killing the nearby enemies, speeding up the killing process.

To make this free online game maximally appealing and take away the possible simplicity of progressing it, all enemies are moving all the time except for the cases when they are pointing at you, trying to take a good shot.

Wanna be thrilled and test your reaction speed? Then go to play the Blocky Sharpshooter free online game.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x455 px

Category: One player   Action   Shooting   Sniper  

Language: English

Played Total: 19596

Votes: 425

Game Title: Blocky Sharpshooter

Game Rating: (73%)

Screenshot #1

Play Blocky Sharpshooter online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Blocky Sharpshooter online - Screenshot 2



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