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Free online games - Racing games -   Brain for Monster Truck

Brain for Monster Truck

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Brain for Monster Truck


Game Description

Brain for a monster truck is you: play and have a huge fun
Why does the heading say that the brain is you? Because it is you who makes the truck move. How? By drawing the lines, which will serve as the road to the truck on the screen when it’ll move between the start line, stars, and the finish line.

It is a sort of a puzzle game but a very easy one. There are no complications, indeed. The truck can move between the dot 1 and dot 2 on the drawn line if it does not have the steep falls and rises. It is a player’s task to draw such lines to make it easy for a truck to move. If anything goes wrong and the truck won’t be able to move – just redrawn the line, making it as smooth as possible. We’re pretty sure that everything will work well right from the beginning as the game does not imply complications. We’d say, this online free game is playable even by people who are from 5 years old and older.

The goals of every level are:
• draw the seamless line(s) in order to make the truck reach stars and the finish
• avoid the overturning of the truck (it also carries some luggage in a box in its trunk and you also have to avoid overturning of it, although we’re not sure what’s going to happen then as we haven’t overturned it not even once)
• the truck can be just dropped on its wheels from the height – it will not break. It is needed in several levels when the inclination of the line would be too sharp to preserve it on the wheels getting to the point – so just use the eraser tool to delete the line.

We can’t figure out, what would prevent you from collecting the stars that make the biggest goal of the game but if in some case you won’t want to collect them all – it is always enough to get just 1 to pass the level. However, by doing so, you are depriving yourself of receiving a huge part of pleasure with the drawing and un-riddling.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 720x480 px

Category: Racing   Arcade   Puzzle   Driving  

Language: English

Played Total: 13035

Votes: 257

Game Title: Brain for Monster Truck

Game Rating: (75%)

Screenshot #1

Play Brain for Monster Truck online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Brain for Monster Truck online - Screenshot 2



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