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Free online games - One player games -   Dangerous Rescue

Dangerous Rescue

dangerous_rescue // desktop 7201280

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Dangerous Rescue


Game Description

Why is this rescue so dangerous? Find out in this free game played online
In order to play this game, you have two controls: pushing the screen’s left side and its right side. Basically, it is one and only control in the essence (but it is simpler to do it with two fingers). It is best of all to play it on a mobile or tablet device, it is well optimized for it.

The task is to complete the rescue operation of a man that is lost somewhere in nature. In level 1, for instance, you have to pick him (or her?) up from the top of the mountain. On the next level, he is at the peak again although now it is necessary to do more planning, avoiding obstacles.

The hard stuff in playing this free online game is that the helicopter can only fly up when you tap a finger. In order to let it fly down, you have to un-tap and it will get down on the same mirrored trajectory as it was going up (it means that if the chopper was flying up right, it will start to descend right). And out of this hardness, the second and last hardness arises – a player has to control its decreasing to the starting platform skillfully tapping right and left, avoiding crashing.

There are several more limitations:
• when a chopper flies to either of two sides too far beyond the screen, it crashes and the round stops
• when it flies too high off the screen, the same crash happens to it
• if it booms anywhere in the screen, the game stops as well.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 720x1280 px

Category: One player   Action   Arcade   Skill   Escape  

Language: English

Played Total: 3151

Votes: 62

Game Title: Dangerous Rescue

Game Rating: (74%)

Screenshot #1

Play Dangerous Rescue online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Dangerous Rescue online - Screenshot 2



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i love this game