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Free online games - One player games -   Fingers Slash

Fingers Slash

fingers_slash desktop 390650

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Fingers Slash


Game Description

Fingers Slash: play online and learn the features
Despite being designed as a very unfriendly game with all those spiked obstacles, this is actually a very sweet free game. Why do we say that? Because, if you look close, abstracting yourself from attempts to stay alive, you can see that many of those obstacles (ones with eyes for sure) are dancing. Their dance is almost always social, involving more than one element (participant).

Thus, the dance can be:
• spinning around one center (2-4 elements are involved)
• moving from left to right and back – usually, this is danced by three – when two move in one direction, the third is moving in the opposite direction
• the same as previous only done up and down
• slight circling around the center of a participant, when this same action is done by 3, 4 or 5 partners
• inflation and deflation in size
• variations of already mentioned or their combinations.

The dances are what actually make this free online game so thrilling to progress. The biggest advantage of the game is that a player controls every millimeter of motion, being as precise as a move of the mouse can be in his or her hand. From this point of view, a requirement of tapping and holding pressed the dot on the screen to know where your control is, looks more than logical. Releasing it means losing the game. The same, it comes to an end when you crash onto any of the obstacles. In addition, spikes on their surface leave a little space to maneuver.

There are two ways of playing:
1. Endless progress (losing it means losing all score and obtaining a necessity to start over)
2. Level-based. Progress is lost or saved within a level and there are many of them.

It is for you to decide, which progress option you love the most. But we are sure that in either case, you will love playing this free game (especially when you figure out its little secret).


Game Information

Screen dimension: 390x650 px

Category: One player   Arcade   Action  

Language: English

Played Total: 5162

Votes: 69

Game Title: Fingers Slash

Game Rating: (78%)

Screenshot #1

Play Fingers Slash online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Fingers Slash online - Screenshot 2



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