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Free online games - One player games -   Fruits land

Fruits land

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Fruits land


Game Description

Fruits land online free game: ultimate fun is guaranteed
This online game is an escape game. At first, it is unclear what to do but then, after you turn on your brain and follow the clues, you’ll find out how to pass through.
So, these are the steps to complete it:
1. At the first screen, take the candy.
2. At the second screen, open the small opening in the rock on the right and take the candy and the key.
3. Apply the key to open the door of the tree in the middle.
4. There, take everything from the shield – axe, knife, and candy, and pick up the stick from the floor.
5. Exit it and get to the third screen. There, take the stick and hit the candy on the tree, and pick it up when it falls down. Then, count the number of coils of each color on every tree (4 yellow, 5 blue, 2 red) and return to the screen two.
6. There, in the box on the stump, enter those numbers accordingly and take the candy when it’s opened.
7. Return to screen 3 and learn an inscription on the tree: RGB BYG, return to the screen 1.
8. There, use a knife to cut the rope on the left and pick it. There, on pineapples, remember the positioning of colors – red, blue, green, yellow. Go to screen 2, enter the tree, and push the box with a purple middle. On it, push those colors from pineapples in a proper order to receive the items hidden there inside: another candy and a lighter.
9. Now, on the screen 3 use the lighter to blow up the bomb and take a candy coming out of the rock it is lying on. After that, blue birds will appear on the tree, looking into different directions. Return to the tree on the screen two and arrange the birds on the wall the same to open another candy.
10. Now, as you got 8 candies collected, go to the screen four and use your axe to chop the wood log on the right on the ground, take a candy out of there. Use the rope to collect the last candy from the lake. Now, use candies to click on the boy. The game successfully ends on this.

To put it frankly, the hardest part here is to enter the sequence of RGB BYG correctly into the box inside the tree – and we were able to do it only after we watched the walkthrough video, as the proposed RGB BYG sequence actually does not work. Also, playing this free online game may be hard for gamers, who had never played such – so if you are the one, prepare yourself for the tough (but fun) process.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x436 px

Category: One player    

Language: English

Played Total: 4654

Votes: 49

Game Title: Fruits land

Game Rating: (67%)

Screenshot #1

Play Fruits land online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Fruits land online - Screenshot 2



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