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Free online games - One player games -   Furious Road

Furious Road

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Furious Road


Game Description

Features of Furious Road
This is an online game that is optimized for a PC, not for mobile platforms, as it requires a number of keyboard controls:
• left and right arrows to move in those directions or A and D buttons for those who hate to use the additional keyboard (though it is very convenient)
• space to shoot the other cars on the road, earning points
• E button to initiate a rocket launch – and you have to bear in mind that you have it when hard times are coming.

The goals are several (as referring to a gaming process):
— to drive a secluded road with a sandy covering
— avoid obstacles (they do not kill you at once as you have a number of segments of your life but able to deteriorate your life at one division each time)
— collect boosters (power-ups of a fuel and of a life)
— fight the level bosses (really tricky and hard-to-kill ones), they are different trucks from the ones you usually meet on your go
— avoid being killed by the other cars on the track – they can and will shoot you and you won’t have another choice but to eliminate them.

You don’t have to use your mouse during the action process – it is only required to start the game. The feature of the process is that you can’t destruct the road obstacle (a rock, an old rusty car) when you shoot at it, only moving cars are susceptible to it. Also, you don’t get damaged when hit into the left and right road limits. You are damaged each time at one particle of your life charge when you are shot by the moving car – and you have to consider that every moving car is potentially your foe (as it is true).
The good tactic is to move on with your space bar pressed – as this will generate the constant shooting, allowing you to destroy the cars potentially moving in front of you even before you see them fully and before they will have a chance to shoot at you.
Also, a player has to watch out for the upcoming road boss – his arrival is indicated with a special mark below the screen; avoiding this is a good practice as it may damage you hard on appearance.
Also, you have to bear in mind that this is a very resource-demanding online game: it may slow down your PC, so choose to play it on powerful machines.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 490x700 px

Category: One player   Action   Shooting   Car  

Language: English

Played Total: 8010

Votes: 97

Game Title: Furious Road

Game Rating: (69%)

Screenshot #1

Play Furious Road online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Furious Road online - Screenshot 2



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