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Free online games - Puzzle games -   Go robots

Go robots

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Go robots


Game Description

Robots can feel emotions too! Need a proof? Play this challenging online game to see, what the power of love has made with these poor metal guys.
Two old robofriends somehow found themselves on the bikes in the middle of dangerous factory with varied gravity, dozens on deadly machines, obstacles, lazors, and traps. They need to overcome the menaces to reach their love objects, but the pathway isn’t easy at all. Help them in their risky journey with your agility and quick reflexes!

How to play
You’re controlling two robots, who both appear at the red platforms, but need to reach the blue ones. Sounds simple to you? Wait for the first obstacle!
To play this entertaining arcade you need only your mouse and creativity. Game screen is divided into two parts: the upper one, where the gravity is normal and the first robot needs to ride, and the bottom upside-down one, where the second robot waits for your commands.

Hundreds of different fatal traps are waiting for the careless robots, and your task is to make their travel safe. You’re able to blow up the bombs, cut the ropes, destroy the boxes - do whatever is needed to get metal friends on the blue platforms in one piece.
The puzzles are getting more and more complicated with each level, but we’re sure you can deal with them easily! Use the laws of nature and physics to clear the path, and then click on the robot to make him move ahead.

Level score starts at 2000 points and decreases with every second! The more time you waste, the smaller amount of points you’ll get. Luckily, you can always replay the level from the beginning, to get maximum score and stars.


Game Information

Screen dimension: 710x536 px

Category: Puzzle   Arcade   Kids   Action   Robot   Escape   One player  

Language: English

Played Total: 29217

Votes: 706

Game Title: Go robots

Game Rating: (73%)

Screenshot #1

Play Go robots online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Go robots online - Screenshot 2



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