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Free online games - One player games -   Heroes of Myths

Heroes of Myths

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Heroes of Myths


Game Description

How to play Heroes of Myths and why is it so exciting?
It is hard to resist falling in love in this game played online. It is all about the things people love the most:
• ancient history – Greece, Rome, and their heroes of myths like Hercules, Achilles, Perseus
• their gods like Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, which directly influence the gaming process
• auxiliary characters that we see in the background: Prometheus that is chained to the rock, and Sisyphus who never-endingly pushes the rock up the hill – fun but not impacting the game
• fighting – to protect the temple and destroy the one of your competitor. In the protection sequence, you use the selected hero (amongst thee) and the god (also, 1 of 3), which all have own powers
• wonderful sightseeing – both in the background and at the fore – when you progress between levels.

The goal and the process of this online free game
The goal is to fight the warriors of your foe. Each killed warrior gives money – and you can use this money to buy your warriors to use in the attack or defence as well as to use it to buy upgrades between levels. The more upgraded you will buy, the better will be the protection, attack, defence, power of the hero/god/warriors, the better speed of ones you use in the battle and so on. There are many upgrades to use – and they are earned with medium easiness as the player though limited in money but it is not scarce.

What we specifically like about this online free game is the balance. No matter what god and hero you choose, the ones of the other side are also powerful but not too powerful or too weak to make it uninteresting to play. Efforts you put to progress are just fine to feel the thing: attraction and buzzing you have when encountering something really interesting.

The mechanic of the battle is what has been thoroughly elaborated by the game’s creators: a pile of warriors goes to meet the other pile, from another side. You, as a player, have to carefully watch to replenish those deceased warriors, apply the powers of the god and hero, and try to destroy the temple of the other side – that’s leaves pretty much no time during the battle, keeping you busy. When the temple is grounded, you win. If your temple is defeated, you lose. Replay as many times as you desire.

All these make the process of spending your time playing this online game for free simply marvelous. You can easily forget about the world and plunge yourself into hours and days into the glory of ancient times. We wish you luck!


Game Information

Screen dimension: 728x455 px

Category: One player   Strategy   Fighting   War  

Language: English

Played Total: 13703

Votes: 439

Game Title: Heroes of Myths

Game Rating: (74%)

Screenshot #1

Play Heroes of Myths online - Screenshot 1

Screenshot #2

Play Heroes of Myths online - Screenshot 2



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Best roman game!



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